Research Ranging from Jennie Kim and Krystal Jung once the Kai EXO Old boyfriend-Spouse, Which one is the best?

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Research Ranging from Jennie Kim and Krystal Jung once the Kai EXO Old boyfriend-Spouse, Which one is the best?

EXO’s Kai used to have a relationship having Krystal Jung off f(x). These people were an intimate few for the past 24 months, however,, unfortuitously, they chose to breakup making use of their hectic dates.

And you may, currently, EXO’s Kai astonished us once more together with this new spouse, Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK! Better, appears to be EXO’s Kai revealed their top form of in Krystal Jung and you will Jennie Kim. Its like story including is actually trapped from the Dispatch.

Really, came from an identical world, both of them also out of a lady group, but each other Krystal Jung and Jennie Kim have her charm! Through this post, Channel Korea features the breathtaking Krystal Jung and you will Jennie Kim towards the comparison ones!

Regarding f(x)is the reason Krystal so you’re able to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Does EXO’s Kai Possess an application?

As one of the greatest and elegant females idol, Krystal Jung must’ve started planning to many trends feel, particularly fashion week, product create enjoy, and much more! Very, how’s Krystal Jung expensive design looked like?

These must’ve started everyone’s favorite layout from Krystal Jung! Krystal Jung are confirmed all of us that casual style is actually never passed away, only checked their gorgeous style less than!

When you’re she was a student in the newest airport, Krystal Jung found united states his preppy smart design having fun with black skirt, fleece vest which have light clothing, and enough time black equipping.

Seems like Krystal Jung is even more to your easy informal build! Towards stage, Krystal Jung try looking gorgeous for the conservative build playing with denim jacket, white-satin shirt and the visual turquoise trousers!

Jennie Kim in addition to famously known as the very fancy user for the BLACKPINK, she is actually mainly seen with the famous brand gown such as for example Chanel, Gucci, and even more. Why don’t we discover the woman layout while planning to style times!

In the event that Krystal Jung are lookin gorgeous that have easy black colored top, Jennie Kim is actually searching rather inside sheer-lace black colored top towards the chill buckle!

How about Jennie Kim’s everyday design! She looks so sweet from the basic light T-clothing and you may torn shorts, thereupon sexy messy locks bun!

Jennie Kim is among fancy member inside the BLACKPINK, and you will generally citizens were interested in learning the girl style, especially during the stage. Jennie Kim mainly looking cute and you will women with top and you will a beneficial large amount of precious jewelry!

Better, think about Krystal Jung’s ideal particular? Most of Krystal Jung’s admirers know you to Krystal erican star, Johnny Depp. “He is masculine. He Greeley escort plays reputation with their personalities. And i also think the temper he’s got differs,”. Seems like Johnny Depp are one of many better variety of Krystal Jung!

In addition to, Krystal Jung is actually revealed her own most useful style of men. She said that she cherished one which looks good in the horn-rimmed glasses, a white clothing, shorts and you may black colored locks when you find yourself becoming comedy, and possess having their particular various other fragrance.

In one celebration, to be direct, in the an episode of Town Success The fresh new Seven, Jennie Kim once revealed from the some thing off a person you to definitely made this lady cardio try beating. There are lots of answers off one, and it also is actually whenever a guy remembering and you will performed anything he previously said in past times, whenever men was heard the lady whenever she is talking with fully desire, whenever one is offering their coat inside a cold temperatures.

Comparison Anywhere between Jennie Kim and you may Krystal Jung since the Kai EXO Ex-Wife, Which is best?

And you can alsow hen a man are impede the sun’s rays for her having fun with their hand within the a bright day, and the history happens when one is actually taking walks reduced to help you equalizing Jennie Kim’s rate when she is taking walks with high heels. Quite simple yet , romantic, right?